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The current price per day is 56,-Euro plus a single annual membership fee of 6,-Euro.
With your confirmed reservation please send a deposit of 30 % of the total fee. 
This deposit is non refundable if a guest (either booking singly or with a group) cancels his/her reservation less than 30 days before arrival date. 
This advanced notice period is extended to 60 days in the case of an entire group cancellation.
In the case of cancellations within the appropriate notice period (30 or 60 days) 60 % of the total fee will be charged unless you are able to nominate d designated  replacement for the same reservation period.
Late arrivals and early departures will not be subject to refund. 
We recommand taking out private cancellation insurance.

Our Address


Atelier de Séguret

93 Rue des Poternes

F-84110 Séguret

email: b.langlet@free.fr



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